New Beginnings 

I’ve had a blog once before. To be more precise, I have several blogs before. And as is the case for many others no doubt, I have given up on one after the other.  I’m telling myself this time round is different. An awful lot for me has changed in the last few years, and is probably going to continue doing soon as the date at which i move to Nottingham rapidly approaches. So maybe this time round, armed with my trusted cherry-red filofax and fancy-schmancy Ipad, i stand a better chance of keeping it going.

In light of recent changes, important deadlines and the occasional minor disaster i decided it was about time i got myself together. You see, to those who are familiar with my normal approach to life, i am what’s commonly known as a “hot mess”.  It would be no surprise to see me rock up to work or class, with smeared red lipstick and the remains of yesterdays curls pinned on top of my head with a pencil, asking what deadline i had missed this time. No doubt with some entirely plausible yet completely unlikely excuse to cover up the fact that i spent the night before in bed binge watching Game of Thrones.

In a potentially fruitless attempt to get my act together i did what any sane member of our consumer driven society would do and reached out for my amazon app to buy a magical object destined to sort my sorry arse out with minimal effort required. And that’s how, with a now considerably reduced bank balance, I ended up with an obscenely expensive piece of witchcraft they call an iPad Pro, and my beloved filofax. The latter now comes everywhere with me, it my bible. It’s amazing how quickly you can become so dependant on one object. There’s a completely different to feel to writing out a date, a meeting, or a to do list on paper lovingly encased in leather rather than typing out a quick memo on your phone. It suits me well, a return to old fashion methods.

On my last birthday, a rather problematic guy who i shall refer to as the Beer-man bought me one of my favourite presents, a vynil player. There’s something so much more wholesome about actually possessing an object. Collecting books on my shelves, watching vynils spin on a deck, and writing my memo’s on paper feels so much more real, and fulfilling than storing my whole life on a phone. However, as satisfyingly hipster as this feels, technology is impossible to give up, this is where the iPad comes in. Bought more as a revision tool than anything else, it’s successfully replaced textbooks, paper and my laptop in all things but photo editing, where the control and power my laptop takes the bacon. But still, even the dullest of photo shoots look oh so pretty on this screen.

So that’s how blogging suddenly seemed like a sustainable option to me. Maybe with my Bible to plan out the when’s, where’s and what’s, and the oh-so-pretty piece of tech I’m writing this with, I might actually make it work this time. Maybe.


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