The health kick and the growling stomach

Everybody has a trigger, one which motivates them to get up and change their situation. Mine was about two weeks ago, as i sat with my feet up in front of the TV munching my bacon sandwich while staring in confusion as a man with a perfectly toned body tried to convince me that he got this way through minor electric convulsions. What could possibly convince anyone that electric shock are the best option to lose weight and tone up? And what has happened to British society that we would now rather spend pointless money on giving our selves electric shocks instead of getting up and going for a run? As i asked myself these questions, it began to dawn on me that I’ve spent the last weekend bitching to my friends about having ripped through the back of my favourite jeans while reaching for a box of doughnuts in Asda, and then proceeded to comfort myself by, well, eating the box of doughnuts.

This moment of realisation led to me take notice that actually, while i am by no means overweight, I’m not close to being as fit or healthy as i used to be, and generally feel crap because of it a lot of the time. Maybe i should take my own advice and get off my arse and doing something about it, before i too desperately resort to what ever rip-off piece of equipment next comes out claiming to solve it all for me.

So that brings me to yesterday morning, where at the painfully early hour of 7AM i was sat up in bed, groggily staring out the window with a mug of PG tips in hand questioning all my life delicious that had led me to being awake at this ungodly hour. Somehow, in a reluctant, sleepy daze, i managed to pull on my gym kit and drag my sorry arse to the gym which i had once been a frequent visitor too (nobody is completely immune to the quick fix promises). After an embarrassingly difficult light cardio session i moved on to doing basic body weight exercises which had always been my favourite. There was only one problem. Having not exactly been with it when i left the for the gym i decided that whatever healthy breakfast i was going to concoct would have to weight until after the gym when i was awake enough to be able to actually read a recipe. This was a mistake. So having meant the new, unfairly attractive personal trainer, my attempts to show off a little and hold a plank had to be cut short due to the embarrassingly loud noises my stomach was making. I took that as que to go home and get food in my system, making a mental note prep something the night before next time.

Time for breakfast, and my good old friend Pinterest had plenty of suggestions for me. The problem with Pinterest is that nothing ever seems to quite go to plan with it. I decided on a healthy version of American style pancakes with fruit and golden syrup (I’m not hero, sugar cravings can beat the best of us). There were three things i learnt from this experiment. 1) those perfectly round pancakes you see stacked up are harder to achieve than you would think 2) Pinterest is full of liars, and 3) British pancakes will always reign supreme. To sumerize, it was a train wreck. I substituted blueberries for raspberries, because well blueberries are gross and i already had raspberries, i made way to many pancakes for one person, and was forced to use oil instead of butter as the recipe had originally suggested. Turns out, blueberries would have been a safer bet as they don’t break and dissolve in batter turning it into a lumpy grey mess. All things considered, they tasted a lot better than they looked, not that that’s difficult given they looked like one of those disaster photo’s people keep tweeting to Gordon Ramsey. I’ll attach the recipe below for those of you who want to try it out anyway, but i do suggest using vegetable or sunflower oil instead of butter so it doesn’t burn, and adding the syrup to the eggs rather than into the dry mixture.

After all the trauma of that morning, i treated myself to what felt like a well deserved nap. Except a nap when your already feeling exhausted and have nothing to do with your day so often turns into more than a quick recharging session. So that’s why 20 minutes before my work shift started i caved and ended up eating a ready meal, breaking the healthy kick that had started less than 12 hours earlier. To conclude, i suck at cooking and I’m really not going to enjoy this. Any suggestions you have on food prep are very welcome. Updates to follow.


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